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Setting Up Students for Success

Updated: May 18, 2021

Here at Dojo, we believe in five core values: responsibility, discipline, grit, self-confidence, and citizenship. We believe these values are essential to the growth and development of any individual and go hand in hand with each other. The first step of growth is responsibility. Being held accountable for our own actions and aspirations gives us the opportunity to make rational, independent decisions and leads to the development of reliable individuals. The second and third are discipline and grit. Having the courage, strength, and ability to commit and persist in the face of adversity is vital for any athlete or artist and overall character development. The fourth value, self-confidence, is vital to one’s personal growth and success. Developing the ability to trust in your own judgment and abilities is crucial to one’s future success and strengthens the grit and discipline of an individual to pursue future goals without hesitation and self-doubt. The fifth and last value, citizenship, promotes virtuous morals and the importance of community. Regardless of an individual's background, everyone can give back to the community. Not only is this rewarding in many ways, but it’s important to remember that the small actions of one individual could drastically impact the life of another.

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