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Self-Confidence At A Young Age

Building self-confidence plays a major role in a child’s life. Confidence is a fragile thing that can be built and broken down easily. Exercise and music are two ways to strengthen a child’s confidence. At Dojo, we have made this a part of our core values because of the significance of this value.

When a child is engaging in sports, they are working on aspects of themselves. We start with the concept of goal setting. With our students, we teach them these concepts and actively work with each student to keep track of their progress. As the child is able to visually see that their goals are being met or that they are showing improvement in their performance, then their confidence will be boosted. It may not even be something that the child notices immediately, but the parent will see the change in their child. Also, the students will be working in a team setting and this will teach them to work as a team player and work collaboratively.

Music has a similar effect that exercise has for better self-confidence. In music, the students are working on projects and songs that connect with them emotionally. Music is an old art that even the youngest of children can enjoy and have fun with. Music is known to have relaxing qualities for children, and it is a good avenue to focus a lot of their excess energy. All music builds self confidence because you have a mixture of working independently to improve your skills and working in a band/group. You create many bonds with your fellow bandmates and everyone is experiencing the same opportunities of learning the new instrument. Gradually, as the student practices more and more in their craft, they will start to see the progress that they have made. We like to keep track of their progress and show the students periodically through the semester.

We take this core value very seriously and hope that you will join us in building up the confidence of our youth.

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