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Healthy Body Healthy Mind

Updated: May 18, 2021

At Dojo, we focus on the important benefits of having a physically active lifestyle. We teach them the skills to be physically active and have mindfulness of their health. Our goal is to guide children into living a healthy lifestyle. Students will not only improve their performance in sports, but also their self-confidence.

  1. Controlling Body Weight - There has been a great increase in the amount of childhood obesity in the United States. When students participate in an active lifestyle, they are significantly decreasing their chances of weight problems in their future.

  2. Controlling ADHD - Participating in exercise daily helps boost levels of dopamine, serotonin, and Norepinephrine. All of these hormones greatly enhances a child’s amity to focus and complete a task.

  3. Self-esteem - When we are participating in physical activity, it helps to increase self-confidence. When children are engaged in sports, typically, they are working on a team. On the team, the children are making bonds and learning how to work as a group. This gives them a sense a fulfillment.

  4. Focus and Sharpness- Our brain is like a muscle, and physical exercise can assist with increasing our focus and sharpness. Once again, when we exercise, we are releasing great hormones like dopamine, serotonin and Norepinephrine; to improve the brain’s ability to focus on tasks.


This art form is not only beautiful to listen to, but it also has amazing benefits for children producing the music. Music is a way for children to express themselves and their identity. There are a multitude of genres and this opens up so many opportunities for the child. They can be playing an instrument, writing music, singing, or dancing. At Dojo, we want to help guide the child to connect with musicality on the next level. We introduce concepts and ways for them to find their own style.

  1. Building Connections - When listening to music the same good hormones like serotonin and dopamine are released, but in addition, oxytocin is also released. The chemical oxytocin is associated with connection with others. They help us build bonds and relationships with others.

  2. Improves Memory - Listening to music has been shown to improve the memory of children. The repetitive aspect of the rhythm and melody help the brain with memory retention. This, in turn, will help children in their academic careers.

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