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Coach Thomas

Thomas has been working with young athletes for nearly six years. Originally from Amsterdam, Thomas came to the U.S. for his education and decided to stay in Houston. He has spent much of his time teaching soccer for kids in the Woodlands area but has recently begun teaching soccer to the Shadow Creek community. 


Thomas enjoys staying up to date on the most recent soccer techniques and trends so that he can create a fulfilling youth soccer program. He believes that soccer for kids is a wonderful way to make friends and stay in shape. He is proud to be a youth soccer coach because he gets to do what he loves every day.


His favorite quote is “If you are not on time, then you are too late or too early.” This quote speaks to him because he believes in precision in soccer. 


“We have to use our gut and trust ourselves when playing the sport” - Thomas Reek



Thomas is an offensive specialist. He believes in heavy offensive pressure in order to create control of the game. Thomas constantly develops his foundation in footwork, ball control, and shooting.


With classes ranging from soccer for toddlers to soccer for high schoolers, Thomas possesses a tremendous amount of coaching experience and passion for the game.

Coach Jacobe

Jacobe has been teaching for 8 years especially with adolescents. He has worked at a youth center for autistic children as well as a home for at-risk foster children. He has a ton of experience working with all individuals and it shows in his teaching style. He is originally from the Houston area. His hobbies include exercising, playing with his dog, and spending quality time with his family. He enjoys teaching children because you have no idea how much you can make an impact on their life. They could become very successful and it's great knowing that you made a difference.


His favorite sports player of all time is Kobe Bryant. And his current favorite is Lemar Jackson. He is inspired by these great men and thinks that they set an example for all future athletes. He loves sports because it teaches discipline and perseverance. Also with sports, you can make life-long friendships and build some of the strongest bonds. He is very grateful that he gets to do what he loves every day.


Coach Jacobe is a great basketball coach that is looking forward to meeting everyone.


Ball control, footwork, and physical conditioning.


He is skilled at shooting as well. He practices tremendously and his accuracy is impeccable.

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