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The Skill of Expression

What is a Musician?


In its purest sense, a musician is someone who expresses themselves through sound. At Dojo Academy, our goal is to take students who have this desire for expression and show them what they are capable of. In our school, our students will learn the process of creating a song from start to finish. While we teach students how to master an instrument, we are more focused on showing them how to master their creative capabilities. We show our students the technical skills of song composition, from the chord progression to the fine-tuned details of digital production.

Dojo Music League

The Dojo Music League is a community that is focused on promoting a comfortable and productive environment where the students can express their music creativetity. Students will learn how to read music and in more advanced session they can starting writing their own song.

This league is a great way to create strong bonds with other students. They have the potential to create their own band and do cover songs together. We believe music opens some many opputinues for children to develop their more creative side. This community is all about practicing, improving, challenging yourself, and learning how to collaborate with others. 

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