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At Dojo Academy, we focus on developing our students into athletes capable of utilizing their psychical skills. Our class starts with physical conditioning and always incorporates skills training, helping us get their bodies in shape, so they can develop their athletics skills. While skill training and physical conditioning are essential to a successful athlete, we also teach our students about the importance of healthy nutrition, stretching, and goal setting.

Dojo Sports League

Our Dojo Sports League is a community that we are building in the Pearland area. We are facilitating a healthy competitive environment where students can become a successful athlete. We are ficlating the best space for our students to train during the week days and do scrimmages on Saturday.

Our mission is to work hard in practice and you will see results. The education that we provide will dramatically increase the various apests of our students gameplay. This can range from physical conditioning, ball handling, shooting, defenicve, offense ,and many more. All of these components contribute to building well-rounded athlete. You will also be joined by other passionate parents who are a intregal part of this close community.

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