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Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Dojo Academy is to show students that through hard work, dedication, patience, and perseverance they can be the person they want to be. We strive to instill a sense of belief, pride, and self-confidence in each of our students. Our focus is to make successful individuals, not just successful students.

Defining Dojo

A "Dojo" is a place, where an art form is practiced and mastered. Traditionally, this referred to a hall where martial art was practiced. Students would come in a shared purpose of bettering themselves. We apply this same concept at Dojo Academy by creating a place where our students can practice their chosen form of art.

Our History

As a family, we immigrated from New Delhi to Houston in 2001. Following a passion for education, we opened the Monart School of Art in the Summer of 2008. For the last 13 years, we have dedicated ourselves, as a family to educatining students of all ages in art, ceramics, fashion, and robotics. Now, we are proud to expand our passion for education to music and athletics.

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